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Baikal Research Centre
   "Baikal Research Centre" -  is independent research organization focused on scientific and educational environmental studies in Lake Baikal and its area.

    Centre was established in 2003 as a nonprofit research, technology transfer, and educational organization. After the singing of collaboration agreement with Irkutsk State University (ISU) most of research activity of Centre is carried out on the base of the  laboratory Biological systems adaptation (joint with Scientific research institute of biology at ISU). The essential part of the scientific research works is also conducted in several national and international scientific organizations which are partners of center.

    For fulfilling scientific and educational studies the center has highly professional research staff and it also draws key personnel from different research institutions of Baikal region.

   Center is officially included in the list of the organizations of the scientific and technical complex of the Russian Federation, it is the member of Märkische Institut für Technologie und Innovationsförderung (MITI) (Branderburg, Germany) and also the Club of the subjects of the innovation and technological development of Russia.

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